An Overview Of Breast Augmentation


The world we live in nowadays is very dynamic: everything is changing.  When these changes crawl into our lives, we tend to change in the way we perceive things and our wants become more sophisticated.  Since we cannot talk about all the changes and demands, let us limit ourselves to breast augmentation.  Breast augmentation is a field in the cosmetic surgical procedure that is done on the breast with the sole aim of making them more prominent and attractive.  Surprisingly, breast augmentation equally applies to men just as it does to women.  This cosmetic procedure is procured by individuals who want to improve their self-esteem or who happen to imagine that their breast is asymmetric/misshaped. 

Just like everything pertaining your life, you should do thorough research and consult extensively before your decision to have the procedure done on your breast.  Remember that not all doctors are qualified to do this process.  Therefore, ask a certified plastic surgeon newport beach for professional insights and advice because you do not want to get fake services from quacks.  Thorough research and developments in the field of breast augmentation have enabled more individuals with various types of surgical implants that are medically safe.  The three types of implants available in the market today are Silicone Implants, Saline Implants, and Fat Grafting.

Of the three types of implants, the silicone option is the most extensive as it comes in different shapes, sizes and profiles customized to meet every individual's taste and preference.  The silicone gel implanted in the breasts makes them feel real and have the natural breast tissue hence their popularity.  On the other hand, the saline implant is performed by delicately inserting breast-shaped empty pouches in the breast and after that fill these empty bags with sterile salt water.  The best advantage of the saline implant is that the saline solution will dissolve in the body should the pouches rapture.  Therefore saline implant poses no significant harm to the body.  When it comes to fat grafting, the procedure is slightly different as it involves the expulsion of fat from the body very close to the breast using the liposuction procedure.  After the fat has been removed from the undesirable parts, the breast assume their appealing shape and size thus making them more attractive. 

Apart from the beauty reasons, breast augmentation can be done due to medical reasons too.  The medical reasons that may compel an individual to procure the services of a newport beach plastic surgeons are injury, post-pregnancy bio-mass changes, cancer trauma, and general thoracic discomfort.